Workplace Wellbeing

About Workplace Wellbeing

Mental health, wellbeing and stress are all major concerns for those working in any industry. A large percentage of an employee’s time is spent in the workplace and it is a significant part of an individual’s life.
Today businesses acknowledge that they can help and play a role in sustaining a healthy workplace.

Employers can take on the responsibility of promoting workplace wellbeing and delivering workplace wellness programmes. Workplace wellbeing programmes can be extremely effective in helping employees look after their mental health and sustain a healthy lifestyle, while also having significant benefits to the organisation.


How I can support Workplace Wellbeing

I draw from over 13 years of educational background and experience in performance psychology. I have delivered workplace wellbeing workshops to a range of organisations, from small companies to large multinationals. I have blended psychological and behavioural techniques and created tailored made workplace programmes. These workplace workshops combine research-based evidence and psychological and behavioural techniques in areas such as Stress-Management, Resilience, Self-care strategies and Work Life balance to name a few. Workshops can be created to suit and tailor the needs of your organisation.

My expertise in performance psychology has provided me with the opportunity to work across several domains, from research and analysis to the creation and development of County and community-based health and wellbeing plans. This in-depth knowledge has led me to design and deliver workplace workshops that may help increase employee’s health and well-being and performance.