Irish Dancers Mindset

Improving performance for Irish Dancers

“Mentally, you go through so much negative stuff, for example, bad competitions and bad practices are obviously going to happen when you practice every day….so you need to be able to improve on the mental side of it and be prepared for these bad days, because we are not really taught anything to help us to try and stay positive”.
Hannah, an Irish dancer

Private one to one’s

I specialise in mental coaching for peak performance, it is about providing the dancers with the mental skills to become a high performing dancer. I carried out one of the first pieces of research in understanding the psychological needs of an Irish dancer. This research provides me with an in-depth insight into the tools and techniques that would benefit an Irish Dancer.

Irish Dance Workshops

Tailor-made workshops designed for the psychological needs of your dance school can also be provided.

  • Effective Goal setting
  • Being focused and in the pre-performance zone
  • Building confidence
  • Dealing with competition pressure and nerves
  • Building Resilience and Mental Toughness
  • Positive Self Talk

This is a small example of the psychological skills that are provided. If you would like further information on these workshops, please feel free to get in touch.