What is performance psychology?

This is a question I always get asked, what is performance psychology? what does it entail? what magic potions are you going to work to help me perform at an elite level?

Is it all magic?

Firstly, there is no magic potions or magic words that I use, wouldn’t that be great if it was that easy? But what I do provide is evidence based psychological tools and techniques that you can implement to enhance human performance. Let’s explore this further:

Who we work with?

Performance psychology is the awareness of and application of suitable and evidence based psychological techniques and principles to human performance in many fields. Performance psychologists are given the responsibility of helping individuals or groups of people identify the positive mindset for developing, enhancing, and maintaining optimal human performance in a variety of applications. Performance psychology focuses on domains such as sport, business, and creative pursuits. Focusing on identifying and applying psychological principles that facilitates peak sport performance, enhance people’s participation in physical activities and help individuals achieve optimal human performance in their workplace and career. Performance psychology presents new possibilities for improving and enhancing human performance.

What we do?

Performance psychologists will draw on psychological principles on the human mind to develop the mental skills that are needed to become better at what they already excel at. There are many factors influencing performance such as stress, pressure, decision making, resilience, grit, confidence, cognition and perception.  In most cases, performance psychologists will conduct research on attitude, motivation, personality, teamwork, leadership, visualization, concentration, training, and other related domains to develop a toolkit that can be utilized to obtain peak performance.

Creating an awareness of the individual’s needs through assessment can help develop the mental states required to produce optimal performance and equip them with cognitive skills required to overcome and triumph in challenging environments. Performance psychologists have the mission of broadening clients’ skills and training them with more healthy habits to perform consistently at high levels in pressure situations. Tapping into the potential of human performance and providing tools and techniques is the key so that individuals can hone resilience skills and perform at their best.

So, no magic potions, just plenty of tools and techniques that you can implement to drive your performance.